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Looking to get family-matching cousin tattoos?

Getting matching tattoos is a great way to show your family unity. Not only are they a fun and unique way to express your love for one another, but they also last forever.

There are tons of different matching tattoo designs that would look great as matching cousin tattoos. You can choose something simple and elegant, or go all out with a more elaborate design. It’s up to you!

Family Tattoo

Family tattoos are a popular body art choice today, with people from all walks of life opting to get inked with designs that reflect their loved ones. While many people opt for simple images like hearts and letters, there are also more daring designs out there that truly capture the bond between family members. These might include intricate portraits of siblings or children or even surreal depictions that express the complexities of blended families.

family-matching cousin tattoos

Whatever your chosen design may be, having a family tattoo is a great way to show your love and support for the people who mean the most to you. Whether it’s something small and simple or a bold statement piece, this body art choice is sure to bring you closer to your loved ones every time you look at it.

So why wait? Head to your local tattoo shop and start planning your next big body art project today.

Trending Family Matching Cousin Tattoos

In recent years, family-matching cousin tattoos have become a popular trend among families. These cousin tattoos can come in many different styles and designs, but they all serve the same purpose: to symbolize a close family bond. Some common cousin tattoo ideas include matching infinity symbols, interconnected lines or shapes, or even floral motifs that symbolize the natural kinship between family members.

Whether you want something simple, understated, or more elaborate and eye-catching, cousin tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate your special connection with your cousins. Below are some of the trending cousin tattoo ideas.

Matching Rose Tattoos

A matching rose tattoo might just be the perfect option to celebrate your bond with your cousin. These designs typically feature one or more blooms, each with its own distinct characteristics. Some might feature tightly wound buds or sharp thorns, while others might be delicate and feminine. Additionally, you can choose a variety of different colors, from classic pinks and reds to bolder purple tones or vibrant yellow hues.

Whether you opt for a large and elaborate design or a minimalist look, there are countless options to suit every style and personality. So if you’re ready to show your unconditional love for your favorite cousins, consider getting matching rose tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts due to their attractive and whimsical designs. These types of tattoos often feature winged creatures that seem to flutter and float across the body, evoking a sense of lightness and grace. Not only do they look attractive and striking, but they also make for a great conversation starter as they showcase a person’s unique interests and aesthetic preferences.

family-matching cousin tattoos

Additionally, a butterfly tattoo is considered to be an attractive cousin tattoo, making them an ideal choice for cousins who wish to celebrate their love for one another by getting matching ink.

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Matching Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are a popular choice among those who value strength and stability. These types of tattoos often feature an anchor symbol, paired with various other elements that represent different aspects of the wearer’s personality or life experiences. For example, an anchor tattoo might be paired with a heart to symbolize love, or a pair of wings to signify freedom or adventure.

Whatever their design, anchor tattoos are typically chosen to convey feelings of resilience, holding fast in tough times and never letting go. Whether you’re thinking about getting your very first tattoo, or you’re looking for inspiration for a family-matching cousin tattoo, there’s no doubt the anchor tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

Diamond Tattoos

Matching diamond tattoos are a popular choice for couples, best friends, and families. These intricate designs are ideal for commemorating relationships or celebrating milestones, such as getting married, graduating from college, or having a child. Typically made of delicate black lines and small white diamonds, these tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and can feature the same design for each person or subtly different designs that still form an intentional pattern.

Whether you’re looking to create an intimate bond with someone special or express your appreciation for their friendship and support in your life, matching diamond tattoos are sure to make an unforgettable statement. So next time you’re considering bonding tattoos with your cousin, be sure to consider this unique option.

Infinity Symbol

Infinity symbols are popular among tattoo enthusiasts, as they represent the idea of endlessness and limitless potential. If you’re thinking about getting an infinity symbol tattoo with your cousin, there are a few factors to consider before making your choice. For example, some people prefer smaller designs that can easily be hidden if needed, while others may want a larger piece that takes up more visual space.

family-matching cousin tattoos

Another important consideration is color: depending on your preferred style, you may prefer a monochrome black ink design or a colorful piece filled with lively shades. Ultimately, the right choice for you will depend on your personal aesthetic preferences and what kind of statement you want to make with this symbolic tattoo.

Whatever your choice, though, one thing is certain: the infinite possibilities represented by the infinity symbol tattoo are truly endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting tattoos with your cousins can be a really fun experience, but it’s hard to know what to expect. We’ve put together a list of the most common questions people have about family-matching cousin tattoos. This should help you make the best decision for your next tattoo with your cousin.

Can I get a cousin tattoo with my best friend?

Yes, you absolutely can get a cousin tattoo with your best friend. It’s a great way to commemorate your friendship and show your solidarity. Just be sure to do your research and find a reputable tattoo artist who will create matching tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Which is the best matching cousin tattoo I can get?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since everyone’s preferences and styles are different. However, if you’re looking for a matching cousin tattoo, it might be best to choose one that has special meaning or significance to both of you.

Some ideas for matching cousin tattoos include designs that depict your shared family history or something that reflects your common interests and hobbies. Alternatively, if you want something more unique, you could choose a design that incorporates both of your initials or birth dates. Whatever you decide, make sure to take into account the style and placement of the tattoo so that it looks great and is meaningful to both of you.


Whether you’re just starting to think about getting family-matching cousin tattoos or have been planning it for years, we hope this post has helped give you some ideas. If you decide to go ahead and get inked, be sure to send us pictures! And finally, don’t forget to check out our other posts for more inspiration. Thanks for reading!

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Tattoos are a part of our life and our family - between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
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Tattoos are a part of our life and our family – between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
So I decided to share some of what I found out along the way about getting inked.

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