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If you’re considering getting a family tree tattoo you have many options. You can add the names of your parents grandparents or siblings. For larger families you can even add the names of your favorite bandmates or best friends. Family tree tattoos are realistic and look great especially if you shade it to add depth. This design is suitable for a small family but you can also get a large tree if your family is very large.

What are some meaningful tattoo ideas?

Tattoos of family members can be incredibly meaningful and can represent your heritage. While choosing a design make sure it’s something you’ll be proud to show off for the rest of your life. Below are some ideas for tattoos with your family members. You’ll also want to find a design that looks realistic. For example a family tattoo made up of black inked sticks will be very realistic but you’ll probably have to pick the size carefully.

A family crest or a clan symbol are two common symbols of family. While the last two may be obvious they represent your family’s values. Families are not solely made up of mothers and fathers. Fathers are often the primary caretakers for their children and a family tattoo should represent that role. A family crest can represent the importance of the father and the mother as well as the children. A tattoo with the names of all the family members is a good idea too.

What symbolizes a home?

‘What symbolizes a home? is a question that has been largely unanswered’ said Maxine Van de Wetering in a recent article. ‘The concept of home is a complex one involving the geographical region dwelling and familiar residence that we are familiar with. Home is more than a physical structure and the symbolism of this place lies in the relation between its temporal and spatial dimensions as well as in the emotional experience of dwelling.’

A home traditionally serves as a symbol of order. Historically the home was a sacred space that contained all the opposites of life. In Paleolithic culture there were cave burials that indicated a spiritual connection between dwelling places and ancestors. A snake was often symbolised as the house god. A Lithuanian paterfamilias would keep a serpent in the corner of the house to offer food to the ancestor and sacrifices to the snake were a part of the ceremony.

What tattoo means new beginnings?

A strength tattoo design can represent your determination to achieve your dreams. The Phoenix design is one of the most popular tattoos and can represent many things including physical might mental fortitude and rebirth. Those looking to start a new life in a new place can get a Phoenix design tattoo. These images are meaningful and appropriate for both sexes. So what tattoo design should you get?

The Celtic symbol represents new beginnings and it’s not that old. You can find it as far back as 2009 using a Google Image search. This was before the internet so the Celtic symbol can be very real but some people haven’t seen it as authentic. Regardless if you want a symbol that represents new life the sun is a great choice. The sun symbolizes hope and strength and it also spreads light around the world.

Where can I put my child’s name on a tattoo?

If you are looking for a design that will be a lasting reminder of your child’s birth consider a tree of life design. The tattoo can be simple or as detailed as you like. You can even include your child’s name in cursive as part of the design. Ask your tattoo artist how to incorporate your child’s name into the design and you’ll have a perfect family tattoo.

If you want to include your child’s name consider adding a heart or some other symbol to the design. It can be a heart a circle or a cross. Adding a little shading or watercolor design can help the design pop. Getting two tattoos can be a great idea if you’re in the ‘you live once’ mood.

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Dawn Hankman

Tattoos are a part of our life and our family - between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
So I decided to share some of what I found out along the way about getting inked.

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Tattoos are a part of our life and our family – between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
So I decided to share some of what I found out along the way about getting inked.

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