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Are you looking for a special way to bond with your favorite aunt or niece? Why not consider getting matching tattoos together? It’s an intimate and meaningful way to celebrate the bond between you both, whether it’s a themed design or a heartwarming quote. 


Take a look at our ultimate guide to adorable aunt and niece tattoo ideas – from elegant geometric shapes to colorful florals and more! Whether you’re rocking your tats separately around town or having them made during just one session – they’ll be sure to add even more love to your already amazing relationship.

What tattoo symbol means family?

Many people like getting tattoos as symbols of their families. Some choose an everlasting symbol such as a family crest to represent the unity they share within their clan. Others may get an image of their beloved pet, reminding them daily that all living creatures are part of one big, loving family. 


Still, other individuals prefer something more abstract, like a circle to outline the infinite figure-8 pattern that binds us to our innermost relatives, friends, and ancestors. Whatever the design is chosen, having a tattoo symbol representing family is often seen as a way to honor the love and connections we have in our lives.

What is a good tattoo for the family?

A good tattoo for the family could be anything that celebrates the ties you share with them. Many people look to religious iconographies, like a cross, a sunflower, or a crescent moon. Others choose something more personalized, such as the names of their children or parents. 


Some folks prefer symbols of togetherness such as matching infinity symbols or an intertwined heart. It’s also possible to create a tattoo highlighting multiple aspects of your family life at once; such as someone’s astrological sign combined with the coordinates of your hometown. 


Whatever symbol you choose is sure to be a reminder of just how strong and powerful your family bond is.

What’s a good tattoo idea?

A tattoo can be an everlasting reminder of a special moment or significant life event. You may find inspiration in symbols and images with personal meaning, such as family crests, astrological signs, meaningful quotes, and natural artwork. 


Additionally, tattoos are a beautiful way to commemorate the memory of a lost loved one. Whether you plan on getting a small discrete design or something more colorful and influential, planning out your tattoo carefully is key to ensure that it turns out exactly as you’d like it to be. 


When you choose the right type of ink for your skin type, it’ll look professional and beautiful for years to come.

What do a couple of tattoos mean?

For couples in love, getting a couple of tattoos is a great way to express their feelings of commitment and devotion. A couple of tattoos symbolize the connection and bond between two people who are deeply in love. 


They can be anything from matching symbols or motifs to complementary designs. No matter what they look like, they all carry the same message – they are permanent markers of two hearts irrevocably intertwined. 


Getting a couple of tattoos is not only an intimate gesture but also a declaration that these two souls will stay together through thick and thin, come what may. In short, it’s an everlasting expression of loving commitment for the world to see.


What does 3 dots tattoo mean?

The three dots tattoo is an expression of faith and perseverance. This seemingly small tattoo carries with it a powerful message: “my faith will never waiver”. It is believed that the origin of this clothing goes back to Latin American culture, with the phrase “mi vida loca” meaning “my crazy life”. 


Tailored more as a representation of faith, they also signify hope and courage during hard times. To get this tattoo is to make a commitment to oneself – believing that despite any obstacles or hardships that may arise, one must remain steadfast in their beliefs.



Whatever tattoo idea you and your aunt decide to go with, make sure that it is something meaningful that both of you can talk about fondly for years. There’s no better way to honor a special person in your life than by having a physical reminder on your body of the strong bond between you two. 


Additionally, it doesn’t have to be just one tattoo — Aunt and niece tattoos can come in the form of matching tattoos or simply ones that hold individual meanings. Maybe find an artist who has a portfolio that shows budding ideas and lets them customize the style while keeping the spirit of the unifying theme intact. 


Whether you choose something small, big, cutesy, or intricate, both of you will have something new to talk about every time someone notices it! Take time to plan out everything together with patience and thoughtfulness; after all, this process is more than just finding any old design with words plastered on them. Make sure it’s really something you two want for a lifetime!

Dawn Hankman

Dawn Hankman

Tattoos are a part of our life and our family - between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
So I decided to share some of what I found out along the way about getting inked.

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Tattoos are a part of our life and our family – between us we have a couple of dozens of them.
So I decided to share some of what I found out along the way about getting inked.

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